Michael G. Meakes
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21218 USA

E-Mail: mgmeakes at gmail dot com
Phone: 1-410-499-3415

Here is a very brief biographical vita.
And a list of publications.

Duties at STScI
Title: Senior Compression Technical Assistant
Division/Branch: Archive, Catalogs and Data Services Division(restricted link) / Catalogs And Survey Branch

Professional Interests and Activities
I have been working with Multiwavelength all sky surveys for the last few years. My work in this field has involved the digitization of several all sky photographic surveys. Much of my work was the compression and publication of these digitized surveys. Here are a few links to these surveys as well as discriptions of them.

Digitized Sky Survey Information
You can obtain images from the Digitized Sky Surveys I & II
Photometric calibration of the DSS data.
Here are some examples from the CASB Digitized Sky Surveys.
And the RealSky for amateur astronomers and the educational enviroments.

I have also been working on The Two-Color (U,B) Survey of the Galactic Plane: The Search Continues, with Howard Lanning.
And have participated in the Photometric Calibration of the Digitized Sky Survey

I participated in the symposium titled: Women at Work: A meeting on the status of Women in Astronomy

I have also participated in the Passport to Knowledge Project Live from HST. It was fun for me to participate in this project. I hope that the kids found it as interesting and fun to read as we all did taking part in it.

Recipient of 1995 STScI Group Achievement award for the production of the Digital Sky Survey 102 CD ROM Set.

Here you will find a few Astronomical links I have found.

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This is a small pictoral of things I worked on!

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