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Paternal Surnames

Butcher, Mann, Meakes Scutt

Maternal Surnames

Clark, Compton, Herrington, Nix, Snider,
Stoneburgh, Vail, Vale, Wannamaker, Young

These pages are dedicated to my Mother .

At Dave and Olga's wedding on 14 November 1998


In the Fall of 2012 Mansfred Young and I began to exchange pictures and information regarding our mutual Young and Snider heritage. After a short time we agreed to start an onlne Young and Snider photo album that any of our cousins or extended family could contribute to. As you can see this isn't just Youngs and Sniders. It includes several other family names that are an part of this growing family of ours. We hope you enjoy the photos in this album and feel free to contribute additional photo's you might have. And feel free to make additions or corrections to any notes. I thought this would be a good way for all of us to share or family photos with each other, as well as preserve these old photo's for the younger generations following us.


In 2010 a few old photo albums dating from about 1911 till 1939 was given to my father, David, to take a look at and see if he could identify people seen in the albums. After he began work on them he mention this to me. Since the photos were so old and many fading badly or in otherwise poor condition I arranged to scan all of the pictures. This is the result.

Meakes Lake Photo Album


In 2015 my father had an old photo album dating from about 1911 till 1945. He began work on them to identify who was in them and what some of the scenes were. Since the photos were so old and many fading badly or in otherwise poor condition He asked me to scan all of the pictures so they could be shared with other family members. His granddaughter (my daughter) were planning a trip back to the old lake and homestead in the summer of 2016. This is the result.

Dave Meakes early memories Photo Album

I was really excited when I was recently given a old family photograph album. Within what remained of its covers, I found 58 photographs dating from the mid 1850s to about 1900! Only one small problem - no names to go with the faces!!! With my fathers help I was able to identify 9 of the faces as family he had known as a boy. Because of the identified faces and the source of this album, I believe that everyone in the album are probably Meakes or Mann . I have decided to scan all of the remaining photos and make them accessable to you, in the hopes that someone will recognize these people. Everyone is welcome to look at these images, but if you are a member of the Meakes or Mann families you are especially encouraged to take the time to view them and see if you recognize any of them. Please take a look at these


and help me add faces to the names in our family tree.

People that I am working with.
They are listed below along with their E-Mail address.

Contacts Name

E-Mail address

Surnames of Interest

Betty Block


Nix, Stoneburgh

Charity Meakes


Eva, Meakes, Shoup

David Meakes

Laguna Hills, California

Butcher, Meakes, Mann, Snider, Young

Donna Ristenbatt



Jamie Meakes



Kevin Meakes



Kathleen Callanan


Nix, Stoneburgh

LeeAnn Beer

Ontario, Canada


Pat Wardell


Bergen County, NJ

R. Mike Meakes



Jimmy Scutt



Robbie Anderson



Sherry Koshney



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