Dave & Olga's Wedding

Lighting Candles
Two of Dave and Olga's grand-daughters are prepareing to lite the candles...

Here comes the bride!
Olga walking down the aisle with her brother Carlos.

"What love is!"
The reverand tells us "what love is!"

During Cerimony
Dave and Olga also during the vows!

I do !
Dave and Olga saying "I do"!

First Kiss
Dave & Olga's first kiss as husband & wife !!

Dave, Olga & Reverand
The Reverand presents ... Dave and Olga Meakes

The presentation
Dave and Olga being presented as Dave & Olga Meakes!

Wedding Party
The wedding party as the cerimony begins!

Olga and all of her daughter-in-law's!

Grand Children
Dave & Olga with there grand children!

great-grand children
Dave & Olga with their great-grand children!

Wedding dinner
The wedding party during dinner!

Dave looking pretty dapper!

A close view of the wedding cake!

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Last updated 6 January 2013